Enhancing Your Curling Club Experience: The Benefits of Adding Pickleball

Pickleball Design-Build

When the ice in your curling club melts away, it doesn't mean the fun has to hibernate until next season. Enter the world of pickleball, a sport gaining popularity like wildfire across North America. At TSS Pickleball, we're excited to share why adding pickleball to your curling club during the off-season can be a game-changer.

1. Diverse Membership Opportunities:

Pickleball brings more than just a new sport to your club; it offers an opportunity to diversify your membership base. Consider introducing a summer "pickleball" membership fee, a move that can attract dedicated curlers and those new to the facility. This shift towards a dual-season approach keeps your members engaged and brings in a steady stream of revenue during the off-season.

2. Fastest-Growing Sport:

One of the most compelling reasons to consider pickleball is its rapid growth. It's not just a sport; it's a phenomenon. What sets pickleball apart is its multi-generational appeal. It's a sport where parents, grandparents, and kids can play together, fostering community and togetherness. Imagine the joy of seeing different generations sharing the court, creating memorable experiences for families and friends.

3. Attracting New Members:

Pickleball isn't just about retaining your existing members; it's about expanding your club's reach and influence. As the word spreads about the exciting new sport at your club, it will naturally attract pickleball enthusiasts who may have never set foot in a curling facility before. This influx of new members can breathe new life into your club and offer fresh perspectives.

4. Hosting Tournaments:

With as few as four courts and some spectator space, your club can become a hub for pickleball tournaments. This isn't just a revenue generator; it's a chance to showcase your club's versatility. Hosting tournaments adds to the vibrancy of your facility and attracts participants and spectators alike.

5. Convenient Storage:

One of the practical aspects of integrating pickleball into your curling club is the ability to store your pickleball courts during the winter season. TSS Pickleball's storage crate ensures your investment stays safe and sound, allowing a seamless transition back to curling season.

6. Total Solution:

At TSS Pickleball, we go beyond selling you a court surface. We're your partners in ensuring your pickleball venture is set up right. From court installation to equipment recommendations, we offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your club's needs.

Incorporating pickleball into your curling club's offerings can transform your off-season experience. It's not just about revenue; it's about enhancing community, bringing generations together, and making your club a dynamic, year-round destination.

Contact us at TSS Pickleball today for more information at info@totalsportsolutions.ca or call us at 1-866-718-9178.  Plan ahead to elevate your curling club's off-season experience.  Order your courts early to ensure you're all set to make the most of the off-season!