Diversifying Curling Rinks: A Game-Changer for Clubs and Enthusiasts

84% of curlers want their clubs offering summer alternatives

In their 2023 fourth-quarter survey, TSS Pickleball, a division of Total Sport Solutions, uncovered a transformative opportunity for Canada's curling clubs. With a rich tradition in winter sports, curling has always been a cornerstone for those seeking the thrill of icy competition and community bonding. However, our findings suggest a new avenue for these clubs to become bustling activity centres all year round.

Our comprehensive survey, spanning numerous curling clubs nationwide, revealed a strong interest in expanding club activities beyond the winter season. An impressive 84% of respondents were enthusiastic about their clubs offering more than just curling, signaling a demand for year-round engagement. Pickleball, badminton, and volleyball emerged as the most sought-after off-season activities, with pickleball leading the charge.  Curling enthusiasts crave a vibrant community throughout the year, and pickleball is the key to fulfilling this desire.

Pickleball and curling share a pivotal commonality - both are inherently social sports. Like curling, pickleball offers a unique blend of friendly competition and social interaction, making it an ideal choice for curling clubs. This similarity underscores why 43% of survey participants preferred integrating pickleball into their clubs' programs. This enthusiasm is bolstered by the sport's skyrocketing popularity in North America and its accessibility, making it a perfect fit for curling rinks seeking diversity in their sports offerings. With 63% of respondents already familiar with pickleball, it's clear there is a ready and eager audience.

At TSS Pickleball, we envision curling rinks as dynamic hubs of activity, thriving throughout the year. Introducing off-season sports like pickleball promises increased revenue and a more engaged membership and opens doors to new community members. The potential benefits are immense - from financial stability to ensuring the vibrancy of these community centres.

By embracing sports like pickleball, curling clubs can transform into multi-purpose venues, catering to a broader audience and enriching the community experience. This strategic move extends beyond meeting enthusiast desires; it's about securing the future of curling clubs as year-round, economically sustainable hubs.  On a concrete floor that would have 4 curling sheets in the winter, you can have 4 to 5 pickleball courts.

This survey has highlighted the curling community's eagerness to stay active and connected, even off the ice. Incorporating sports such as pickleball into curling rinks is more than just a novelty; it's a step towards maintaining these venues as lively, revenue-generating spaces, fostering social connections throughout the year. This exciting development could significantly enhance the growth and engagement in these sports among curling enthusiasts.

Our team at Total Sports Solutions is committed to nurturing a passion for sports within communities. We are actively working with curling clubs and organizations to integrate new activities like pickleball, providing customized solutions to enrich their offerings. It's a historic moment as we revitalize traditional Canadian community centres, keeping them open and vibrant year-round.

Join us in this journey to reimagine curling clubs as versatile year-round community hubs, enhancing the experiences for curling enthusiasts and beyond. Embrace this opportunity to safeguard the future of these clubs while injecting a new wave of excitement and engagement into the heart of our communities. Stay active, learn new sports, and participate in this year-round community spirit. For more information and to explore how your curling club can benefit from this exciting development, contact Total Sport Solutions today.