Survey Shows Arena Users’ Interest to Stay Active during Off Season

51% of respondents believed there was demand for pickleball offerings amongst arena users

Recent research by Total Sport Solutions, a prominent provider of sports flooring solutions across Canada, reveals an increasing demand for off-season activities in arenas. This blog post explores the survey’s insights, examining the implications for both arena users and facilities nationwide.

The research surveyed 314 arena users from diverse backgrounds and demographics across Canada. The aim was to gauge their interest in off-season activities. The survey asked a variety of questions, ranging from their familiarity with pickleball to their interest in other activities during the off-season.

Results and Analysis

The results of the survey were both compelling and illuminating. A significant 84% of respondents stated that they find it important for arenas to offer additional activities in the off-season. Among the activities that stood out as the most sought-after options were pickleball, badminton, and volleyball.
Pickleball, a fast-paced and highly engaging paddle sport, emerged as a top choice among respondents. A resounding 53% of participants expressed a keen interest in having their arena offer it. Furthermore, an impressive 51% of respondents believed there was demand for pickleball offerings amongst arena users. This statistic is particularly noteworthy considering that pickleball has been gaining recognition as the fastest-growing sport in North America.

The Popularity of Pickleball

The sport’s rapid growth is evident in the results, with 78% of respondents stating that they’re familiar with pickleball. With its accessibility and adaptability to various skill levels, pickleball provides an ideal opportunity for arenas to diversify their offerings and cater to a wider audience.

The Importance of Off-Season Activities

“Our research demonstrates a genuine desire among arena users to stay active and engaged with their community during the off-season,” said Ian Lintott, CEO of Total Sport Solutions. “By offering off-season options at arenas, we can keep these facilities buzzing with energy, generating revenue year-round, and creating new opportunities for social connections.”


Total Sport Solutions is eager to collaborate with arenas and organizations to develop tailored solutions for introducing these activities into their existing offerings. By doing so, they hope to transform arenas into multi-purpose hubs for sports and recreation, further enhancing the experience for all sports enthusiasts.

For more information about this research and how your arena can benefit from these exciting off-season activities, please contact Total Sport Solutions at or visit their website. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of arena sports!