Sound Absorption Barriers

Sound Absorption Barriers

Echo Barrier Effect

Pickleball United Sound absorption panels are windscreens specially created to address the problem of excessive sound generated in Pickleball.
It is designed to fit existing fences, poles and cover a large area easily.

What Makes Pickleball United Sound Absorption Panels So Effective?

  • Front Outer Layer
    Extremely durable, waterproof, high-quality PVC, with optimum mass to ensure maximum noise. reduction while retaining a professional appearance.
  • Acoustic Absorbent
    Lightweight acoustic foam prevents noise from reflecting off the barrier.
  • Waterproof breathable mesh fabric
    Multi layered breathable mesh fabric allows noise to be absorbed while ensuring no water enters the barrier.

Diagram of Sound Absorption Panels by Pickleball United


  • 6ft. x 6 ft.
  • 25 db. max noise reduction
  • Water, Fire & Temperature Resistant with UV Protection
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

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