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Celebrate Sportsmanship and Fun at the Good Games in Guelph!

Join us for the Good Games in Guelph on July 6 & 7, where sports enthusiasts and the community can come together to celebrate an incredible weekend of activities and competition. TSS Pickleball, a division of Total Sport Solutions and the premier sponsor of the Toronto United Pickleball Club (TUPC)—the reigning 2023 Canadian National Pickleball League champions—will be setting up a basketball half-court and a full-size pickleball court for everyone to enjoy. Cheer on the TUPC as they showcase their talents, and dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Good Games. For more information, visit the event pages or reach out to our contacts for quotes and details.
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Survey Shows Arena Users’ Interest to Stay Active during Off Season

Recent research by Total Sport Solutions reveals an increasing demand for off-season activities in arenas. A significant 84% of respondents find it important for arenas to offer additional activities during the off-season. Pickleball, a fast-paced and engaging paddle sport, emerged as a top choice among respondents, with 53% expressing interest. Our research demonstrates a genuine desire among arena users to stay active and engaged during the off-season.

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Get Ready to Serve Up Some Fun: The 2024 Pickleball Season is Here!

Get ready to serve up some fun as the 2024 Pickleball Season approaches! With events kicking off in Mississauga on May 25th and 26th, excitement is mounting for an exhilarating season of pickleball action. Keep an eye on returning champions, the Toronto United Pickleball Club, sponsored by TSS Pickleball, as they gear up to defend their title. From the CPA Pro Tour in June to the Pickleball Ontario Championship Series stretching until August, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars and join us for a season packed with thrilling matches and unforgettable moments on the court!

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Diversifying Curling Rinks: A Game-Changer for Clubs and Enthusiasts

In their 2023 fourth-quarter survey, TSS Pickleball, a division of Total Sport Solutions, uncovered a transformative opportunity for Canada's curling clubs. With a rich tradition in winter sports, curling has always been a cornerstone for those seeking the thrill of icy competition and community bonding. However, our findings suggest a new avenue for these clubs to become bustling activity centres all year round.

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Curling and Pickleball Synergy Revealed by Total Sport Solutions Survey

A survey by TSS Pickleball, a division of Total Sport Solutions Inc., revealed a significant synergy between curling and pickleball. The survey found that 84% of Canadian curling clubs consider offering additional activities during the off-season. Pickleball was the top choice, with 43% of participants interested in having clubs offer it. This presents a unique opportunity for curling clubs to attract a new audience and provide additional revenue for the club. TSS Pickleball, a specialized pickleball court contractor, can assist clubs in this transformation.

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Support Pickleball Ontario's Growth and Win Big this Holiday Season!

Support Pickleball in Canada this holiday season! Enter Pickleball Ontario's 50/50 lottery for a chance to win big and help grow the sport we love. Your ticket purchases make a difference. Get in on the action now!

#PickleballOntario #50/50Lottery

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Embracing Pickleball: A Win-Win for Curling Clubs in the Off-Season

Discover how curling clubs are innovating by integrating pickleball into their off-season activities, creating a vibrant, year-round community hub and opening new revenue streams.

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Celebrating a Milestone in Canadian Pickleball: Toronto United Pickleball Club Triumphs!

We're elated to extend our heartiest congratulations to the Toronto United Pickleball Club for clinching the title of the 1st ever Canadian National Pickleball League champions!

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Enhancing Your Curling Club Experience: The Benefits of Adding Pickleball

When the ice in your curling club melts away, it doesn't mean the fun has to hibernate until next season. Enter the world of pickleball, a sport gaining popularity like wildfire across North America. At TSS Pickleball, we're excited to share why adding pickleball to your curling club during the off-season can be a game-changer.

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Pickleball Design-Build

Unlock Your Pickleball Dream: Our Design-Build Journey. Overcome the challenges of pickleball facility creation with our experienced team. From design intricacies to compliance hurdles, join us on a proven path to success.

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